Agency Information

Request For Proposal (RFP) Name and No: KRT RFP – 2022 CAD/AVL

Procuring Agency:                           Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority

Address:                                             1550 4th Avenue Charleston, WV 25387

Project Manager:                             Jacob Pitman

Phone / Fax:                                     (304) 343-3840 / (304) 343-3877


Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority (KRT) is a public transportation authority created in 1971 by Kanawha County and the City of Charleston.  KRT is funded through property taxes, fare revenue, state and federal grants, advertising, and other miscellaneous revenue.  KRT operates 20 Monday – Sunday routes with a fleet of 49 fixed route vehicles and 14 paratransit vehicles.  KRT’s fixed route 2021-2022 annual ridership was roughly 1 million unlinked passenger trips.  KRT Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) components in 2015 through RouteMatch.  KRT is seeking to replace all, or part, of the ITS architecture as a part of this procurement.


KRT is seeking proposals from qualified entities to enter a contract to assist with developing and implementing an upgraded onboard system utilizing the required items outlined below.  Outlined in the scope of work are equipment and software that KRT has designated necessary to procure.  Other items outlined have been requested by staff and found to be desirable to improve operational efficiencies.  KRT will be outfitting all 49 vehicles in their fixed-route fleet with the selected equipment and the option of 5 paratransit vehicles.  Given this procurement’s purpose, proposers must be able to interface with standard Transit Signal Priority (“TSP”) equipment.